Academic Expertise for Business

An established academic reputation in mass spectrometry

The University has a long standing academic reputation for excellence in mass spectrometry, and it is now looking to apply this knowledge in a consultative role to industry by providing a unique analytical research and development support package from sample preparation through to data analysis.

Our extensive biomedical experience combined with our state-of-the art analytical instruments allows us not only to be able to provide molecular characterisation research but also technical guidance to trouble shoot challenges during product development.

Qualitative and quantitative, high resolution, accurate mass sample analysis

Gas chromatography mass spectrometry is used for the separation and identification of volatile chemical components that can be found in a complex mixture. Used in many different applications, from environmental monitoring through to biotechnology and manufacturing the chemicals of interest may be metabolites that are indicative of disease within the human body, or may by contaminants in an industrial polymer. GC-MS has also been used in the analysis of flavour and fragrance compounds found in food and cosmetics. The main advantage of GC-MS over competing techniques is greater resolution power, which leads to a more positive identification, and the lower cost of sample analysis.

Housed within our new purpose built laboratory is the latest Agilent 7200 gas chromatography quadrupole time of flight (GC/Q-TOF) mass spectrometer, which is the first of its kind in Wales. Capable of accurate mass determination, this allows for greater detection and significantly more accurate quantification of trace compounds in comparison to traditional GC-MS systems.