PhD Scholarship for UK or EU applicants in Biomedicine, Biochemistry and Chemistry


Subject area:

Application of mass spectrometry in biomarker discovery and clinical diagnosis: Study of Steroids in Health and Disease

Steroids are biological molecules with a characteristic 4-ring structure. They are essential signalling molecules and also represent markers of disease. They are important in many fields including, developmental biology, immunology, neuroscience and endocrinology.

Vitamins D are a family of compounds, known as the sunshine vitamins, where the steroid ring system has been opened in a light catalysed reaction. Like other steroids, they are ascribed may beneficial effects on health. The compound 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 is the natural vitamin found in blood and its concentration is a marker of vitamins D status. Much still remains to be learnt about the metabolism of 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 and the biological properties of its metabolites. In this project you will be based at the Institute of Life Science at Swansea University Medical School working under the supervision of Prof Bill Griffiths and will work in collaboration with Markes International Limited on the development of new mass spectrometry-based methods for steroid analysis including discovery and quantification of vitamins D metabolites.

There will be opportunities for you to present your work at national and international meetings. Students trained in the Swansea mass spectrometry group often deliver first author publications in international journals.  The training with cutting edge mass spectrometry technology is ideal for future employments in pharmaceutical/biotech companies, clinical laboratories or in academia.

The ideal candidate will have a 2.1 or better degree in Chemistry, Pharmacy, Biochemistry or Biomedicine or a related subject. Students with an MSc in an similar discipline are welcome to apply.

Scholarships are collaborative awards with external partners including SME’s and micro companies, as well as public and third sector organisations.


Value of Award

The studentship covers the full cost of UK/EU tuition fees, plus a stipend.  The bursary will be limited to a maximum of £14,002 p.a.

There will also be additional funds available for research expenses.



3 years funding with a 6 month period to complete the thesis.

The achievement of a post graduate skills development award, PSDA, is compulsory for each KESS 2 scholar is based on a 60 credit award.


How to Apply

Please contact Prof. William J Griffiths regarding information on the area of research.

For further information on the mass spectrometry research group see

Please contact (Jane Kelly 01792 513565) or (Jane Phipps – 01792  513729) for a relevant application form. Please quote KESS2 studentship with Prof WJ Griffiths.

Eligibility Criteria – Please refer to the KESS 2 student application form for full details. Please contact or for the relevant form. Please quote KESS2 studentship with Prof WJ Griffiths.

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